our Barbecue

We <3 Bobby Mueller, and while our ‘cue honors his legacy, la Barbecue’s recipes are uniquely our own. Bobby liked it fast, but we cook our brisket low ‘n’ slow over Texas post oak for 14 to 16 hours. It’ll melt in your mouth! Forget about hormones and other crap in your meat. We source our beef from a local ranch, where it’s lovingly grass-fed and completely free of hormones. Trust us—you’ll taste the difference.  And sure, our meat doesn’t need sauce slathered on top, but our sweet sauce pairs perfectly with the salty beef.

You do you, y’all.


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LeAnn Mueller &           Alison Clem        


Like the badass bosses they are, LeAnn and her wife Ali run la Barbecue in East Austin. The couple splits their time between the Live Music Capital of the World and L.A. with their pups Lilly, Mr. Pickles, Louie, and Zoe.

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Cory Rivademar

Chief Operating Officer

With a background in photography, naturally BBQ was a easy transition for Cory. She splits her time between la Barbecue and LeAnn Mueller Photography. Chances are if you are contacting either of the two, Cory is the one answering. 






Cameron Kalka       

General Manager

Cameron is a long time south Austinite who brings over 20 years of restaurant experience to the table. He has a passion for BBQ, cactus, backyard poultry, compost, and has seen Willie Nelson 71 times.